NOROSUD was founded in February 2015 by Julien Mevel.

Norosud in French means ‘from North to South’ symbolizing Julien’s personal journey in life, geographically & spiritually (if you are unsure of what that means you may discuss it with him ๐Ÿ˜Š).

It also represents the width and diversity of producers & clients which Norosud wants to serve. Norosud is registered at INPI (French Intellectual Property Institute), and operates from its head office in Cyprus, with area managers from Syria, France, Colombia, China and Australia, to cover the markets we specialize in, both in terms of sourcing and sales.

Norosud engages in long term and exclusive partnership with premium producers which are strong on their local markets, and require services Norosud offers to develop their exportations towards 5 continents.

One of the key principles at Norosud, is that our factories operate on different product levels and categories so as to avoid any competition between them. Thanks to key value, we play as a team and we are able to satisfy our clientele’s needs on various segments of the few categories we have expertise in.

To date, Norosud has exported to over 60 countries, mostly based in the Middle East, the Mediterranean region, Africa, Eastern Europe and the America.

With a rich experience in the furniture industry (5 years in charge of quality & sourcing in Shenzhen, China, 4 years as General Manager of a large trading company in Singapore, and now 7 years working independently) Julien values honest, long-term oriented relation with both manufacturers and clients. Business is not everything, and it has to be done with certain values and practices which are taught to the whole team at Norosud. Facing responsibilities, proactively analysing our clients needs, adjusting our collections, following up on orders and quality provided, are a few of the important missions we pride ourselves of.

More than ever Norosud is proud to serve its clients and excited to contribute in the growth and expansions of its partnering factories.

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