With over 7 years cooperating closely with leading manufacturers of the European furniture world (based in Poland, Bulgaria, Germany & Greece), our aim is to meet most of the sourcing needs of furniture professionals, from 6 continents. We offer a wide diversity of products, each tailored to our client markets.

Our production line in Poland specializes in premium fabric sofas. Thanks to over 600 very skilled workers and trained on-site following strictly our quality expectations, we supply more than 20 types of fabrics, each available in at least 10 colors, all of them in stock! Our production is fully integrated (frame cutting, foam shaping, upholstery, packing) and excels in manufacturing sofa sets (3-, 2-, 1- seater) and corner sofas (with and without bed or reclining functions) 

From our production in Bulgaria we offer entry to medium level collections of clic-clac sofa beds, corner sofas and armchairs. 

From Germany, we deliver medium-level DIY furniture, trendy, mail-order-packed collections, to clients located in over 40 countries. Our categories include storage, living room, office and dining room furniture. We focus on modern lines while being very competitive, allowing every end consumers to acquire a piece of our trendy collections

Our production line located in Greece is one of the leaders in its market. Specialized in the production of melamine furniture and providing quality entry-level products. With fast design renewal, our flexibility will allow you to develop models according to your desires. Thanks to a wide range of colors, we may customize products adapted to each client needs, with small MOQ & fast deliveries.

From Portugal, we produce an annual 1.2 millions mattresses. The production line is completely automated and combines productions from 10 big workshops situated across Portugal. Leader on their Iberian markets, we are targeting over 30 new territories to expand this range.

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