NOROSUD Poland (Stella Sp. zo.o.)

Our production line in Poland specializes in premium fabric sofas. The production is completed by over 600 workers all very skilled and even trained on-site to the specifications of our required quality. We carry over 15 types of fabrics each coming in 10-12 colors, all in stock! We have a fully integrated production (frame cutting, foam shaping, upholstery etc...) and excel in:

- corner sofas (with or without bed/recliner functions)

- large corner sofas (with or without bed/recliner functions)

- sofa sets (3/2/1) (with or without bed/recliner functions)


NOROSUD Bulgaria (IMS Forinvest Ltd) 

Our production line in Bulgaria offers a wide collection of upholstered items. Its 520 workers are well trained to provide qualitative yet promotional products in the following categories:

- clic clacs => classic sofa-bed coming in two sizes with bed and storage option. Using SEDAC MERAL mechanism and offering a removable and washable cover

- armchairs => comfortable and stylish armchairs. one of the largest volume in our turnover. outstanding packing made for Internet standards.

- corner sofas => coming with folding or lifting up bed function and in a very large choice

- sofa sets (3/2/1) => classic and modern designs offering a lot of value to our importers

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