CAROL, just got even better !

Sometimes, you do not need to reinvent the be creative.

Take one of our best selling corner sofas with loose pillows, upgraded specifications and upholstered with the latest and trendiest fabric (a thick premium velvet), and you get ... a brand new looking sofa set which will make a difference in your store

Add to this, a special price for the launch of this new combination, and you will get high levels of sales & customer satisfaction.... and as always, a close to 0% return for quality issues. we guarantee this because our stats shows that over the last 3 years we have had a 0.12% return (1 in 830 sets sold) ! 

CAROL has generous shapes ( W 288 x D 250cm  -  H 88cm) , it is super deep (106cm !) , nozag seat structure with high quality Foam 100mm / 28Kg/m3.    

Special offer valid till 15th May 2019 => 549 EUR , FOB Gdynia (Poland)

Do get back to us with any questions or order request.

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