What matching fabric armchairs can offer you...

We have come up with a creative solution in order to... 

- offer your end customer a great complement to their corner / 3+2 sofas 

The armchairs of our collection (wooden or chrome legs), will come with the same or a matching fabric as the sofa you ordered - this will create a whole environment in your store and encourage your customers to spend a bit more for an extra beautiful 1-seater. =>


- lower your landed costs by optimizing the containers volume

Sofas are very bulky items, and there is often empty spaces inside the containers - These one-seater allow to 'fill up the gap' and make the whole import cheaper per item. better landed cost, better value ...!    In the same idea of lowering your transportation cost, we can also provide loose deco cushions in gorgeous fabrics =>

We will be happy to propose you the matching models for YOUR current ranges - just ask and our design team will customize this for you !

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