Laaaaarge Evans for you !

As you know, our Premium sofa collection not only offers a very wide range of models (our own design from Italian and French designers), but each design can be ordered in a wide choice of configurations (corner, 2, 3, 4-seaters etc...)  

Here we introduce to you a configuration which demand is growing on our export markets: 3-seater with armrest +angle element + 3 seater with armrest. This offers a 7-seater of over 3 meters on EACH side !

The color style you can see here is the EXACT style we will show you in .... Shanghai International Furniture Fair where we will show part of our new collection, made of pastel colors, soft fabrics.  (our booth will be in International Brands hall E2-C32, we will send you specific invitations for that event !)

For this and other loose back cushions sofa sets, we have shot this short video for your merchandizers / shop assistants to maintain the display: 

For more information on EVANS, just liaise with us.

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