Willing to be both trendy and affordable, we have come up with compact, confortable, designed solution to meet market trends (Scandinavian style) and your margin objective. In this newsletter we proudly present three models which are good looking, stylish, functional and...VERY well priced. And of course as always, coming with a Made-In-Europe quality...

MALMOE (with bed function)

Load ability: 60 pcs per truck, 42pcs per 40HC

Length (cm): 234, Depth (cm): 90/158, Height (cm)(with pillows/without pillows):

Seat: Polyurethane foam 25kg/m3 H=10 cm Metal springs 22 psc; Elastic belts

Backrest Pillows: 3 big cushions filled with polyurethane foam stuffing

Feet: 9 Wooden Legs

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